Low Cost Embroidery Digitizing Service By 123Embroidery.Net

Low Cost Embroidery Digitizing Services By 123 Embroidery.net
Embroidery Digitizing Services:-

Embroidery Degitizing
Low Cost Digitizing Service * Embroidery Design * Custom Logos Design * Cheap Embroidery Digitizing * Graphics Design * Artwork On All Kind Of Fabrics etc.........
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Cheap Quality Embroidery Degitizing Services By 123embroidery.net

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 Embroidery Digitizing File Formats

1.  The time limit you want for your product to be completed

2.  Format: GIF, EPS, AI, DXF, PLT, JPG, BMP, TIF, CDR, PCX etc.

3. A phone number where you can be reached during business hours, and any other special information that you would like to add.

Cloth/ stuff on which the design is to be sewn.
No of colors in which the designed should be punched.
Requirement for 3D effect (by keeping rubber foam beneath the stitches).
Maximum stitch requirement (if any).
Preference for tatami (fill) or satin (jump) stitch (if any).
Details of patch to be kept (if any).
Size of the design. We are capable of sending the designs in the formats give below:
  • Tazima (.dst)
  • Barudan(.dsb)
  • Meclo (.exp)
  • Zeng/zsk (.dsz)
  • Pfaff(.ksm)
  • Happpy(.tap)
  • Toyota(.10o)
  • Tajima hd
  • Saurer hd
  • SDF
  • Melco SD
  • Melco DOS
  • Marco
  • Mitsubishi hd
  • Barudan FMC
  • Barudan FDR
  • Barudan 2hd
  • Juki

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